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Meet Teresa Lyons, the owner of Caffeinated Goddess. She is an eclectic chaos witch, a spiritual healer, and a Reiki Master. With a passion for the mystical and a love for coffee, she combines her two greatest loves to bring joy and comfort to those around her.

Teresa’s journey in the spiritual world began at a young age and she has been practicing her craft for several years. She is trained in the ancient Egyptian healing modality Seichim-Reiki, which she uses to bring balance, peace, and positivity to her clients. As a chaos witch, Teresa embraces the unpredictable and embraces the change that life brings. Her approach to magic is grounded in the understanding that energy is always in motion and that one must learn to flow with the current.

At Caffeinated Goddess, Teresa offers a range of services, from Reiki healing sessions to tarot readings, to help others tap into their inner power and find balance in their lives. She is dedicated to empowering and inspiring those she works with, and her kind and nurturing spirit have earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and healer.

Whether you’re looking to recharge your batteries or find a deeper connection to the universe, Teresa is here to help. Check out Caffeinated Goddess today and experience the magic of a cup of coffee and a healing touch.