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Whether recharging your batteries or finding a deeper connection to the universe, Caffeinated Goddess can help

I offer a range of services, from Seichim-Reiki healing sessions to tarot readings, to help others tap into their inner power and find balance in their lives

Types of Services

Seichim-Reiki is a form of energy healing that combines elements of Usui Reiki and the ancient Egyptian healing system of Seichim. It aims to balance the body, mind, and spirit by channeling healing energy through the hands of the practitioner.

Tarot and Oracle card readings provide insight, guidance, and clarity into a person’s life, emotions, and future. They can be used for personal growth, decision-making, spiritual exploration, and understanding oneself and others.

When physical, emotional, or spiritual relationships become overwhelming for our energy, a Cord Cutting Ritual severs the bond in order to allow each party to continue in a more balanced nature. It allows us to reestablish our energetic boundaries from energy vampires, exes, toxic people, and more.


Life Needs A Little Magick

Who Is Caffeinated Goddess?

As an eclectic chaos witch, I bring expertise in sigil magick, divination, manifestation work, and Seichim-Reiki healing to my practice. I seamlessly blend RHP and LHP energies, recognizing the importance of balance in life. As a claircognizant and empathic individual, I tap into my intuition through dowsing, tarot, and oracle readings. A lifelong student of the craft, I continually expand my offerings to include a growing selection of energy work and divination services.


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